Cocktail Recipe: Unconscious in a Turkey Pen with a Potato Shoved Up Your Ass For 7 Hours Add to My Drinks
1 1/2 oz Segram's 7
1 1/2 oz Wild Turkey 101
1 1/2 oz Monopolowa Potato Vodka

Came up with this drink in remembrance of the prank my friend's brother and his friends played on him for Thanksgiving. They got my friend plastered and after slipping him muscle relaxers they took him to a friend of theirs who had a turkey farm and laid him down in one of the pens. So when he came to seven hours later he was surrounded by turkeys with a potato shoved up his ass. I know it sounds juvenile but if you knew the guy you'd understand that he is one of these people who just has it coming to them.

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Added: 2007-12-04

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