Cocktail Recipe: Zubrowka Wildfire Add to My Drinks
2 oz Green Moon Anise Flavored Vodka
2 oz Monarch Peppermint Schnapps
1 3/4 oz Bak's Buffalo Grass Vodka
1 3/4 oz Baja Bob's Sweet & Sour Mix

A good way to end the year in my experimentation with different brands of alcohol I get for my monthly collection. The licorice flavored vodka is best added after the peppermint schnapps and the potato vodka, as it adds some extra kick to the middle of the drink which makes it evenly dispersed throughout. The Zubrowka Buffalo Grass Vodka is from a region of Poland that borders Belarus, so, what's with the grass? Well, legend has it "bison grass" found only in eastern Poland, is an aphrodisiac. Supposedly, it's what's keeping Europe's only remaining bison herds from going extinct.

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