Cocktail Recipe: Apple Pie South Dakota Style Add to My Drinks
3 gal(s) Apple Juice
1 gal(s) Apple Cider
6 count(s) Cinnamon Sticks
2 cup(s) Sugar
1 3/4 liter(s) Everclear

Mix all ingredients except for everclear in container. May need to put in small amounts to make fit in pot. Turn it on to med or med high if in a hurry but be careful not to burn. Make sure and stir every couple minutes just to keep the sugar and the cinna sticks mixed around. Once it comes to a boil let it cool for about 45 mins. then when it's warm to the temp. it will be ok to pour the everclear in and you will have the best tasting apple pie and you will not taste the everclear. WARNING: 1. Do Not pour the everclear in when it is boiling hot it will explode in a fire.....(Bad Experience) 2. Do Not Drink to much will get you drunk fast so delicous you will not believe it

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