Cocktail Recipe: Easter Bunny Being Strangled During An Easter Egg Hunt In Compton Add to My Drinks
1.25 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
2 splash(es) Rose's Grenadine
1.50 oz Three Olives Grape Vodka
1 piece(s) Orange Peel

You know there's something wrong with yourself when the images you get of easter is of the easter bunny being seriously injured. The taste of this drink IMHO resembles a grape slushi, however if you mix it at a 3:1 ratio and squeeze a orange peel in it, you get a different taste. If you splash the grenadine in on both sides of the glass, not the middle than the grenadine should have a cool suspended animation look.

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Category: Ordinary
Glass: Whiskey Sour Glass
Added: 2008-03-24

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