Cocktail Recipe: Three Wild Bulls Sleeping During A Sloe Windstorm Outside A Banana Republic In Barbados Add to My Drinks
1.75 oz Wild Turkey
1.75 oz Three Olives Grape Vodka
1.75 oz Mr. Boston Sloe Gin
2 oz 99 Bananas
2 splash(es) Fee Brothers American Beauty Grenadine
1/2 can(s) Red Bull

This was the only drink I had at the bar last night since had to drive back 30 miles home. This one took a few minutes coming to me but it was a fair drink to have, the grape vodka was the dominant taste as it over ruled the wild turkey. At the end of April will put the drink combo I will be starting tonight which is 151, triple sec, apple shakka and Carolan's. Why I'm listening to Matishayu as I type this is beyond me maybe its a good thing I'm drunk.

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