Cocktail Recipe: Grandma Giving Grandpa A Handjob At Christmas Dinner Under The Table During Grace Add to My Drinks
1.50 oz Old Grandad 114 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
2 oz Bols Advocaat Liqueur
2.25 oz Meukow Vanilla Cognac
2.25 oz Pama pomegranate liqueur

As I said some of the names for my drinks stick in my craw all day like the one I called Fisting A Fat Retarded Teenager. Having the image of the name for this drink stick in my head was disturbing. If you add more of the other 3 liqueurs it drowns out the strength of the old grand dad. The mixture been the meukow and the pama was better than I thought and the bols egg liqueur gave it a sweet taste but it balanced out well with the other 2 liqueurs and cuts down on the sharpness of the old grand dad.

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