Cocktail Recipe: Canadian Hpnotist Trapped In An May Icestorm In The Zillertal Alps Add to My Drinks
2 drop(s) Everclear Purple Passion
1.75 oz Frangelico
1 can(s) Canada Dry Ginger Ale
2 oz Hpnotiq
2 oz Ice 101 Peppermint Schnapps

Once again ladies and germs another recipe from Jacques my Canadian friend who lives in Saskatchewan. He has about 50 recipes on a website that is pretty much the Canadian version of this one. This was the first drink he came up with this year and I tried it last night at a friend's house and I'm glad he drove me home because the 2 drops of the purple everclear which is as potent as the regular everclear did it from me. If you add it in last it hits you like a freight train whereas if you entered it first or second like I did it still does the job but you don't get the full brunt of it as quickly.

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