Cocktail Recipe: White Russian At A Glory Hole At A Rest Stop In Southern Montana Add to My Drinks
1.50 oz Vodka
.75 oz Kahlua
.75 oz Light Cream or Milk
1.50 oz Southern Comfort 100 Proof
1 oz Fris Vodka
2 oz Canadian Hunter Whiskey

I tried this drink on Saturday night and glad that I had it at the end of the night because while it was cold here on saturday night I didn't care to get a DUII because halfway of the walk home it hit me like a freight train. Yeah I know your saying it being cold in June where the fuck are you Alaska? its been a messed up spring here hell last year it got warm starting on mother's day and stayed that way till veterans day. My friend recommended trying the Fris vodka since he had a bottle of that at home and I threw in the canadian hunter whiskey because montana borders canada because. I hope the Celtics beat the Lakers.

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Glass: Pousse Cafe Glass
Added: 2008-06-03

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