Cocktail Recipe: 151 Canadian Vampires In a Jamaican Starbucks Watching A Hideous Supernova Explosion Add to My Drinks
1.5 oz Tortuga 151 Proof Rum
1 oz Crown Royal XR
2 oz Myers Jamaican Rum
1.50 oz Starbucks Cream Liqueur
1 oz Hideous
half bottle(s) Mt Dew Supernova

I will be the first to admit that the hideous and the starbucks did not mix that well but if you lessen the amount of the starbucks liqueur to three fourths and increase the hideous to about two ounces there is less of a curdling effect. Using the Tortuga gave it more of a punch than if you have used the Bacardi and the strawberry melon flavored mountain dew gave it a nice subtle aftertone and you can use regular old crown if you want.

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Glass: Hurricane Glass
Added: 2008-06-26

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