Cocktail Recipe: Bats In The Mist Add to My Drinks
1 oz Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
1 oz Pendleton Canadian Whisky
1.50 oz Bacardi Limon Rum
1 glass(es) Water
1 oz Canadian Mist Canadian Whisky

This drink would require 2 glasses, one for the liquor and the other for the water since he always drank his whiskey with a water chaser. This drink is in memoriam of a friend of mine who said he played with the steve miller band. As would be said of most musicians most of the time he was kinda hard to be around, because he expected people to do things for him because he was famous. If you didn't then he didn't want anything to do with you, he expected you to loan him money but he didn't feel like it was his obligation to pay anyone back. So may you fly like an eagle now brotha that your year of suffering is over. If anyone can find out if he was actually a member of the steve miller band his name was Ronnie Smith and he says he went by Jachym Young.

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