Cocktail Recipe: Three Douchebags Playing Keep Away With A Bloody Fetus In The Parking Lot Of An Abortion Clinic Add to My Drinks
1 part(s) Ezra Brooks Straight Bourbon Whiskey
1 part(s) Gentleman Jack Whiskey
1 part(s) Sambuca
1/2 can(s) Mountain Dew Code Red
1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream

Think this was the one I was gonna do saturday night after reading gustav's message about the offensive names of drinks offended him. Anywhoo you run less of a risk of the bailey's curdling if you add it in last. As I found out last night drinking the other half of the can of mountain dew helps to cut down on the severity of the hangover the next day. What can I say when someone says they are offended by offensive named drinks here I feel challenged to come up with one that would really offend them lol, maybe I am a sick fuck after all.

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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Champagne Flute
Added: 2008-07-15

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