Cocktail Recipe: Batman Dancing With The Ghost of Ra's Al Ghul In The Moonlight Shadow of Arkham Add to My Drinks
1.25 oz Sloe Gin
1.50 oz Alize Bleu
.75 oz Galliano
.75 oz Midori Melon Liqueur
1 oz Jagermeister

Haven't seen the dark knight yet because the midnight crowds here were preposterous last night. The first three are the primary colors of the bat, sloe gin is probably the closest to grey I can think of, while the alize bleu (or hpnotiq) would be his cape and the yellow would be the bat emblem. The Midori represents color of Ra's cape and the Jagermeister would be the color of the rest of his outfit. According to a batman villain site, the bat once married Talia Al Ghul, Ra's daughter After Talia encounters and falls in love with Batman,Ra's begins to consider Batman as a possible heir. Ra's first deduces Batman's secret identity when he realizes that the Dark Knight has to be rich, and learns that only Bruce Wayne has bought the equipment that a crime fighter would have; he is then ready to put Batman to a final test. Ra's surprises Batman in the Batcave, seemingly to enlist Batman's aid in rescuing both Talia and Dick Grayson, the first Robin, both of whom have apparently been kidnapped. Batman soon discovers that the whole affair is a charade orchestrated by Ra's to test Batman, which he passes. Ra's asks that Batman become his heir, which Batman refuses, appalled by his genocidal plan to "cleanse" the world. From that point forward, Ra's al Ghul and Batman are mortal enemies, even though they respect each other as adversaries. Of all Batman's enemies, Ra's is probably unique in that he respects Batman's intellectual abilities more than his physical ones, as shown by his constant referral to Batman as "Detective."

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