Cocktail Recipe: Sweaty Gay Mexican Lumberjack Being Stabbed To Death By Elmo In A Broken Down Golf Cart Add to My Drinks
1 oz X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
1.75 oz Tortilla Tequila
.50 oz Amaretto di Saronno
fill - Cranberry Juice
.50 oz Midori Liqueur
1 oz Grenadine

Saw the recipe for broken down golf cart on a couple different websites so made me think of how I could add a couple ingredients to this. If you want to get fucked up quicker than add the tequila in as next to last ingredient or the last one. Now the image of Elmo murdering someone has to be a comical one to have in your head I don't care who you are. Whoever thought Elmo has to have some skeletons in his closet or be deeply disturbed somehow.

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Added: 2008-09-06

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