Cocktail Recipe: Nightmare On Friday the 13th In Haddonfield Add to My Drinks
3 oz Rain Cucumber Lime Vodka
2 oz Segram's Orange Gin
2 oz Strawberry Pucker

There was a lot of favours running amok in this one but if you have to pinpoint one of them as the dominant taste I would have to say the pucker over rid the other 2. Being that its red in color it made giving this drink a Halloween name pretty easy. Reason wasnt able to taste the vodka could have been from the fact that it was added first and it properties probably have a lighter tendency to it compared to the other three. Now if you want to lighten this drink up, I started this month using pineapple-banana juice and gave it more of a sweet taste. Next friday the 13th which would be an appropriate date for the next Jason movie is in february,

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Added: 2008-10-25

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