Cocktail Recipe: Virgin's Bloody Bedsheet Add to My Drinks
2 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
1.5 oz Oval Vodka
3 oz DeKuyper Strawberry Pucker Schnapps
2 oz Frangelico

With this drink you can substitute the Oval Vodka with a cheaper generic knockoff. This one was bought for me and when someone offers to buy you a drink you don't be rude to them and suggest something else be used. As learned on the first time of doing this drink you want to have separation between adding the bailey's and the frangelico. Much like with the recipe I had sloe gin and the starbucks creme liqueur, there was more curdling going on and it tasted like shit. To make this drink have a more pronounced effect you can add more of the strawberry pucker or add it twice throughout the drink.

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Added: 2008-11-18

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