Cocktail Recipe: Death Of An Able-bodied Seaman Add to My Drinks
3/4 oz Jagermeister (in the shot glass)
3/4 oz Yukon Jack (in the shot glass)
3 oz draught beer (in the pint glass)
2 oz half & 1/2 (in the pint glass)
1 oz Blue Curacao (in the pint glass)
2-10 dash(es) Tabasco (c) (in the pint glass)

This is a "drop shot." Mix the Jag and Yukon in the shot glass. This is called a Sea Wolf, and represents a submarine lost at sea. Pour half & 1/2 and curacao onto the beer in the pint glass to get a swirly effect. Top with Tabasco. This is the stormy sea that claims the life of the seamen, with a little drop of blood. Drop the Sea Wolf into the raging sea and drown your sorrows.

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