Cocktail Recipe: 3 Wisemen Ice Fishing In The Yukon With The Captain and His Tattooed Pregnant Sister Add to My Drinks
1 part(s) Jack Daniel's Whiskey
1 part(s) Jim Beam
1 part(s) Jose Cuervo Tequila
1 part(s) Yukon Jack Canadian Liqueur
1 part(s) Captain Morgan Tattoo Rum
1-2 part(s) Tia Maria

You can choose to add some oj to lighten up the potency of this drink because its a helluva strong drink. After the tastebuds are weakened by first few sips of this drink you won't hardly notice the strength. You would want to go to a bar that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for it though because bar I went to charged $25. Safe to say only drink I had, but seeing someone on their 21 st birthday try and put down 20 shots of vodka was fun to see.

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Added: 2009-01-27

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