Cocktail Recipe: Omega Sprite Bomb Add to My Drinks
2 liter(s) 2 Liter bottle of Sprite
1 part(s) 1 Pack of Koolaid (Berry Blue)
Remainder - Vodka of Choice

Take a full, 2-Liter bottle of Sprite, and drain the Sprite off top the top of the label (this is better flavor for girls), you guys can drain it down further for more strength. Use 1 pack of Berry Blue koolaid (Watermelon and Grape also work), pour it in slowly or you will get the volcano effect and it spill over. Fill the rest of the way back to the top with vodka, put the top on the bottle, and slowly flip the bottle over and over to mix the drink. Give it a taste, and you can sprinkle in another 1/2 pack of koolaid if the taste is too strong. This drink will last most people a while, so you dont have to make constant trips to the fridge to get more drink. Also if you put it in the freezer for a little, be careful not to freeze it solid, you get a nice slushie drink.

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