Cocktail Recipe: Quicksand Jesus Add to My Drinks
2 oz Jagermeister
1.75 oz Grand Marnier
1.50 oz Absolut Mandarin Vodka
2 oz Orange Juice
1.33 oz Pineapple Juice

This one kind of lives up to its name that a friend of mine's uncle who lives next door to a midget came up with. I mention the midget because he is the one that concocted this drink and I will say when you add some of the moonshine that he carries around in a flask it will definitely make you sit up and take notice. When you add some of the grease lightning to this it adds a whole another dimension to this which I am trying to battle right now. Personally jager mixed with moonshine can only spell trouble but when its seperated by the juices or added first the 2 cant mix very well. So try it if you want when you go to a bar but don't come crying if you get caught adding some moonshine to this, the taste will be a tad acrid but if you get your taste buds deadened enough it won't matter a damn bit.

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Glass: Beer Pilsner
Added: 2009-03-31

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