Cocktail Recipe: The Ross Ice Gimlet Add to My Drinks
1 jigger(s) Vodka
1 jigger(s) Still Water
1 jigger(s) Rose's Lime Juice
1 slice(s) Lime
1/2 cup(s) Crushed Ice

MERITS: A great summer poolside drink. DIRECTIONS: Chill all bottled ingredients in advance. Add first three ingredients to glass, squeeze some lime juice from a fresh lime wedge into the glass, add crushed ice, and stir. Drop in a fresh lime slice (not the one you squeezed). ORIGIN: Circa 2005. The basic Ross Ice Gimlet was conceived of by B Ross of Texas and named by D Cummings of Indiana. The name of the drink honors the original "mixologist" AND is an homage to the early British Antarctic explorers who not only dealt with a lot of ice, carried limes to ward of scurvy, but also most of whom first set foot on the continent after first crossing the frozen ocean area known as "The Ross Ice Shelf".

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