Cocktail Recipe: Downward Spiral Add to My Drinks
1 glass(es) Beer
1 shot(s) Chivas Regal
1 shot(s) Jack Daniels Whisky
1 shot(s) Bacardi Silver Rum
1 shot(s) :Popov Vodka

Start with a large mug of Beer, I used Coors Original. Shoot the Chivas, then drink about 1/4 of the beer. Pour the Jack in the Beer, and drink another 1/4 of it quickly, if you are fast enough the 2 alcohols don't have the time to mix much. Next pour in the Bacardi, and finish the next 1/4 of the beer, again with much speed. Then pour in the Popov and finish off the beer. If your are a serious drinking this should taste horrible at the end. If you are not a serious drinker and are already drunk as hell when you try this, then you probably wont taste anything. Either way this will tear you down.

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Category: Experimental
Glass: Beer Mug
Added: 2009-04-14

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