Cocktail Recipe: Earthquake On Mars Add to My Drinks
2 oz Goldschlager
2.50 oz Bacardi 151 Rum
5 squirt(s) Rose's Grenadine
2 can(s) Venom Energy Drink
3 oz Licor 43 Curenta y Tres
2 drop(s) Ex-lax

This is a drink thats like the concrete mixer, where its not intended for you but to fuck with your buddy on his birthday. You slip the ex lax in and stir it around so it dissolves and he can be experiencing If you add the 151 in last its a cool effect when you light it on fire, with the ex lax. I tried this drink tonight with Rumple Minze and boy howdy my stomach didn't care for it. Venom is a pretty potent energy drink that has a ginger root in it whose name can't pronounce let alone spell it that energizes you.

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