Cocktail Recipe: Dracula In Bed With The Swine Flu Add to My Drinks
2 oz Hijos De Villa Tequila
2.75 oz Rumpleminze
3.33 oz Nos energy drink
3/4 can(s) Sprite
2 oz Vampyre Vodka

Name for this tasty cinco de mayo could have been simpler but couldn't come up with something catchier. The image of dracula getting the swine flu from biting someone from mexico that had it made me chuckle most of the day and probably didn't help that the bartender was half mexican. If you add the vampyre vodka red in last a nice tint of red layers over the drink and while I know most of you will drink to excess at cinco de mayo events tonight this is a good alternative to stronger drinks that will get you there quicker.

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Glass: Old-Fashioned Glass
Added: 2009-05-05

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