Cocktail Recipe: Throw Down With Satan In Kentucky Add to My Drinks
.50 can(s) Pepsi Throwback
1 oz Bacardi 151 Rum
2 oz Stoli Cranberi Vodka
1.75 oz Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps

The hot damn does add some kick to this drink and can imagine what the 100 proof version of the hot damn would make this taste like. Probably was a good thing that got to the bar late last night and only had one of these but the 2 9% 24 oz cans I got earlier is helping me get to where I need to be. Heard someone else order this drink when I got there and they did they added 7-up with a quamquat slice of course didnt look to see if the guy was light in the loafers or not. The pepsi throwback is a new product in their deep product line. Its made with real sugar instead of corn syrup which is a part of their natural like which is an answer to coke's all natural pop that they call coca cola blak.

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