Cocktail Recipe: Old Man Vomiting On A Small Child At The County Fair Add to My Drinks
2 oz Bushmills Irish Whiskey
1.5 oz Tuaca Liqueur
2 oz Drambuie
2-3 drop(s) Pepto Bismol

I was surprisingly able to stomach this drink when tried it earlier tonight and just now waiting about a hour before I finish off the bottle of bacon vodka I have here. Next one I put on here with which at the rate of submissions this summer could be september will have that one. If the bar you go too doesnt have the drambuie you can substitute it out with some hennessy if you have the extra cash. Adding the pepto in at the end in a clockwise pour does make it look as appetizing as seeing a detroit lion football game last season. Will admit its not the best tasting drink but if you can get past the first few swigs its pretty easy after that. Had the name of this drink because its fair time most everywhere in the country and the image of horror on a parent's face as someone vomits on their child has been in my head all day.

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Added: 2009-08-05

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