Cocktail Recipe: Reindeer Vomit Add to My Drinks
2 oz Yukon Jack Canadian Liqueur
1 oz Hpnotiq
2 oz Grape Juice
1.50 oz Eggnog

Well when this drink was first suggested it made my stomach curdle and as you all know that I have come up with some pretty strange ones. After seeing someone down one of these I figured why not give it a shot might as well. When I got past the first initial gag I was able to finish it. Now not sure if the end color would closely resemble the color of reindeer vomit but bet Blitzen gets queasy somewhere around Iowa on christmas eve. Hope this isn't last drink I put on here for 2009 but if it is then merry christmas y'all and see you in 2010.

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Category: Experimental
Glass: Beer Pilsner
Added: 2009-12-08

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