Cocktail Recipe: Jive Talking Mexican Pimp In A Bloodstained Pink Tuxedo Add to My Drinks
3 drop(s) Pepto Bismol
2 oz Two Fingers Tequila (`)
1.25 oz Crater Lake Expresso Vodka
1.75 oz Rose's Grenadine

Once you get done pouring this drink it looks as appealing as having sex with your ex but if you have had a few other drinks before this one than it makes it easier to go for it. Now some of you may get turned off that I used pepto bismol in this one, but I just figured once my taste buds are deadened by an adios motherfucker and an hand grenade. That theory almost worked I still tasted it in it but oh well we only live once.

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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Old-Fashioned Glass
Added: 2010-05-02

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