Cocktail Recipe: Smurf Vomit #2 Add to My Drinks
2 oz Hpnotiq
1.50 oz Grenadine
2 oz Grand Marnier
2 oz Rockstar Juiced

Well despite the untasty sounding name this actually is a concoction that much like my botched abortion drink didn't taste bad. There was another one that I created last year that right now for the life of me wish I remembered everything that went in it but the couple people that tried it was taken aback at how ingredients any normal person wouldn't try was actually tasty. The orange flavor of the marnier and the pineapple juice kinda gave this drink a tropical feel and whats really a smurf type drink if blue curacao or hpnotiq. So this is one where if you don't have the extra few dollars you can replace the hpnotiq with the blue curacao. Friend of mine tried this with the rockstar instead of pineapple juice and

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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Pousse Cafe Glass
Added: 2010-05-21

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