Cocktail Recipe: Purple Pain Add to My Drinks
2 shot(s) Cointreau
2 shot(s) Jagermeister
1 can(s) Monster Energy Drink
2 shot(s) Cherry Sours
2 shot(s) Blue Curacao
2 shot(s) Vodka
300 ml Lemonade

Assemble the drink by creating a pitcher of Purple Rain with the lemonade, Cherry Sours, Blue Curacao and Vodka. Find 2 tumblers that will wedge into your pitcher of Purple Rain and split the Red Bull between the 2 tumblers. Then in each of the 2 tumblers, wedge a shot of Jagermeister and Cointreau. To drink, shot the 2 Cointreaus so that the Jagermeister falls into the Red Bull like a Jagerbomb. Then down one of the Jagerbombs so that the other Jagerbomb falls into the Purple Rain. Finish off by downing the pitcher!

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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Pitcher
Added: 2010-07-15

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