Cocktail Recipe: Strippers Asshole Add to My Drinks
1/4 oz Malibu Rum
1/4 oz Vanilla Vodka
1/4 oz Jaeger
1/4 oz Root Beer Schnapps
Mixer can(s) Pineapple Juice

Add the above ingredients into a shaker and serve ice cold. Me and a few buddies went to a strip bar in Myrtle Beach this Summer. While we were bellied up to the stage a solid "4 out of 10 star" stripper posed the opposite doggie style in our faces. Me and my buddy decided to capture that explosive moment by adding an alcohol taste to it. Wasn't easy and after a long while we settled on a masterpiece! If you're ever near PNC Park or Heinz Field in Pittsburgh stop in at Finnigan's Wake and see Paul or Dan.

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Category: Shot
Glass: Shooter Glass
Added: 2010-09-13

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