Cocktail Recipe: Smurfette's Kiss of Death Add to My Drinks
few handful(s) Ice
2 or so shot(s) Vanilla Rum Cruzan(Preferred) (Whalen's(Cheaper&stouter))
4 or so oz Pineapple Juice ((or real fruit bits))
4 or so oz Half and Half ((sweet cream))
few squirt(s) Blue Curacao ((and small dropper))
4 or so oz Hawaiian Punch (if desired)

Fill blender 3/4 full of ice. Add vanilla rum, pineapple juice and sweet cream.(*Ounces will vary depending on your blender capacity)Blend til completely smooth. Fill a small dropper with Blue Curacao and stick straight down the middle in blender and squeeze lightly as your pull dropper out. Pulse blender a couple of times to swirl the blue throughout. Serve and enjoy! Recipe can be made 'on the rocks'(no blender) if desired. Swirling may not be as prominent depending on consistency of drink.

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