Cocktail Recipe: Santa Bleeding Out In The Weeds Behind A Lynchburg Housing Project Add to My Drinks
2 oz Half and Half
2 oz Grenadine
1.50 oz Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka
1 oz Jack Daniel's Whiskey
2 oz Strawberry Pucker

As you can tell from what I named this concoction there is some violent tendencies I exhibit during the holidays. This could be the only one I put on here before Christmas but for those of you who try this if you sprinkle some nutmeg in at the end, it does provide some sweetness to this. If you add the sweet tea vodka and jd together than the after effect would be different than if you seperate them. I found out the best order to pour this is the half and half then the jd, then a layer of grenadine or a strawberry pucker and then the vodka and the other one you don't use of the red colored liqueurs.

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