Cocktail Recipe: Pilato Diablo De La Dumante Verde Noce Add to My Drinks
2 oz DeKuyper Cactus Juice
1.75 oz Pearl Plum Vodka
1.50 oz Cointreau
1.25 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Dumante Verde Noce Pistachio Liqueur

This is on the exotic side and since mardi gras is ongoing down in the french quarter figured I would save my st. patrick's day drinks till its actually here in 2 weeks. Now depending on bar you go to more than likely you'll have to ask the bartender what would be a good substitute for the pistacho liqueur if they can't think of one than you can leave it out. I found it adds some level of mystique to the drink and surprisngly does blend in with the plum vodka succintly well. The cactus juice has all the flavor and fravolity of margaritas so sit back and enjoy this little party.

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