Cocktail Recipe: Osama Blowing Satan As He Drinks A Yoohoo While Watching Hee-Haw Add to My Drinks
1.50 oz Grand Marnier
1.25 oz Grenadine
2 oz 151 Proof Rum
.75 oz Patron Tequila
3 oz Orange Juice

Now hearing the news of Bin Laden being dead is a reason enough to go out and get plastered if there is one. See if Obama's approval rating goes up now, since he'll probably take credit for it. So next time you go out why not celebrate patriotism and try this one on. There really isn't a correct layer to do the grenadine on this one to disperse it evenly through the drink. The 151 would of course represent hell and if you want to get technical the grenadine could represent his blood or soul descending. Now why Satan would be drinking a yoo hoo and watching hee-haw just strikes me as comical. Just threw the Patron in since cinco de mayo is near.

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Added: 2011-05-02

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