Cocktail Recipe: Morgan's Period Add to My Drinks
1.75 oz DeKuyper Hazlenut Liquer
2 oz Triple Sec
1.50 oz Grenadine
1.50 oz Hennessy Cognac
1 can(s) Prune Juice

Will admit that this took some getting used to and the slower you take it the better. Your not gonna trick your tastebuds into dulling themselves but found out drinking it faster may just make it more colorful when you vomit. Now it doesn't really matter what kind of prune juice you have and as you can imagine it doesn't mix well with the Hennessy. If you pour the grenadine on each sides of the glass it should have a drizzly effect that could resemble blood.

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Glass: Cocktail Glass
Added: 2011-06-03

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