Cocktail Recipe: Hpnotized By The Firebreathing Doctor Add to My Drinks
2 oz Dr McGillicuddy Fireball Whiskey
2 oz Finlandia Mango Vodka
3 oz Hpnotiq

You can use either the Absolut mango which is easier to find in most bars or the Finlandia. The absolut has a little more crisper of taste, although been thinking about what the rangtang from Absolut, the barenjager and the agwa would be like together. Was a cinnamony overload for me this morning as the cinnamon taste was prevalent with the fruitiness of the hpnotiq's passion fruits. After that one had an oatmeal cookie and then one that had the whipped cream vodka, hpnotiq and pineapple juice. Took me hour and a half to stumble 2 and a half miles home.

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