Cocktail Recipe: Cherokee Jack Eating A Bacon And Banana Sandwich On A 99 Degree Day Walking With A French Midget Add to My Drinks
2 oz Yukon Jack Canadian Liqueur
1 oz 99 Bananas
2.25 oz Bakon Bacon Vodka
1.75 oz Johnnie Walker Red
1 oz Chambord

Now if your brave enough to try this crazy concoction it could easily set you back over $20 but then again it depends on what type of bar your at. Its half as many ingredients as my one that had sex on the beach with darth vader and something else while a fat naked japanese guy masturbates in the surf. With this you could substitute the 99 bananas out for any banana liqueur and it would work just as well. Now if all 5 of these is too strong come up with your own mixture to dilute it some. One of these last week and took me hour and a half to stagger 3 miles home. Can't tell you what the predominant flavor to this is but if your a lightweight one of these is all you need and you can add the ingredients whichever order you prefer.

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