Cocktail Recipe: Hitler Anally Fisting A Prisoner In A Internment Camp Add to My Drinks
1.75 oz Jagermeister
1.25 oz sweet and sour mix
2 oz Pama
1.50 oz Orange Juice
2 oz Chopin Vodka

Never had the chopin vodka before and the belvedere is too offensive for my top ramen like blood. Some would be unsure of the pomegranate liqueur being used, but if you seperate it with one of the mixers on either side it works better. Now rumpleminze works just as well as the jager does in this so it would be a matter of personal preference. I liked the bite the jager gave this as it does clash with the sweet and sour. So if its payday and you can sink few extra bucks go for the belvedere if you can't than chopin is as good of an alternative.

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