Cocktail Recipe: War Head Vodka Add to My Drinks
1.75 liter(s) Vodka
2 bag(s) War Heads
5 bottle(s) empty water bottles

This drink is much like skittle vodka, except it uses warheads instead, resulting in a drink both sweet and sour. Separate the 5 flavors of war heads.Pick one flavor and smash/grind/break up the candies (the smaller the better) so they will fit into one of the water bottles. Try not to lose too much of the candy's powdery sour coating during this process/make sure it makes it into the bottle. Once the candy is in the water bottle fill with vodka, shake well. Repeat with other flavors and let sit overnight. Take by the shot. enjoy all 5 flavors!

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Added: 2011-12-28

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