Cocktail Recipe: Victor's Goodtime Summer Punch Add to My Drinks
2 oz Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
1.25 oz Synfire Cinnamon Whiskey
1.75 oz Stolichnaya Vanil Vodka
1.50 oz Chambord
1.25 oz Kahlua
1.50 oz Tuaca Italian Liqueur
1.75 oz Gordon's Dry Gin
1 oz Hpnotiq
1 oz X Rated Vodka
1 oz Goldschlager
1 oz Rumpleminze
1 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz Sambuca

Would like to see someone try this as its one I haven't attempted but can only imagine what you'd blow after finishing this. Had a sex on the beach with a russian midget and a turkey along with an AMF last night to honor America's 236th birthday and then had 4 beers after got home. Some reason felt ok today and couple weeks before that had 2 drinks and a 4 loko and then next day farted and ended up with a headache all day.

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