Cocktail Recipe: Mango Mojo Martini Add to My Drinks
1 jigger(s) Gin
1/3 jigger(s) Vermouth (Dry)
1/2 jigger(s) Tropical Mango Liqueur (DeKuypers)
1 slice(s) Fresh or canned mango (Skewered on a shrimp fork)
3 cube(s) Ice

Combine gin, vermouth, Liqueur and ice in a cocktail shaker. Swirl (not shake, so as not to bruise the gin) until cold, then pour out the drink through the strainer into the glass. Place fork-skewered mango into drink. (Why a fork? Mango slices are large and you need the heft. A toothpick won't do.). HISTORY: All other mango cocktails seem to use vodka or are in the Mai Thai class. The Mango Mojo Martini is the only gin-based mango drink. Blues harp player JoCo Mojo, close confidant of member BluesNoodler, has, along with me, a lifelong affinity for gin (learned in college), and a new-millennia-found love for mango. Combined here for a not-too-sweet tropical cocktail that ends in a substantial bite of gin-soaked mango. Special thanks to DT for introducing me to mango favors, JR for bringing me mango just as this drink was being conceived, and RC for his bar tending vote of confidence that this IS a unique new drink. Final note: enjoying a double "3M" as I write this. Yum.

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