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Great game, evolved slightly during my play today. Incase your intrested the adaption of the game is currently being submited under pyramid of death allthough the instructions here seem much easier to understand that my attempt.
Posted by Muz Send Muz a private message Leave a public comment for Muz 2007-07-08 17:21:19

if only i had seen this game before my 18th, lol, it looks like a lot of fun, maybe next party we have, it sounds like everyone will be smashed, wot fun, cant wait to try it out
Posted by Anonymous 2006-08-15 00:00:00

Have played the game a few times with friends. One thing not said is if no player has a card that shown, we solved this by splitting the value between players with 3 or lower, 4 or more ( 2 - 7 = every one drinks that value, 8 - A = everyone does 8). Hardly ever happens with 4 or more but just wondered what others did.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-27 00:00:00

Very confusing....i dont really understand..
Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-19 00:00:00

we play the game like you play with a big group of people and each person picks an adjective before you start and you add fuck at the end (ex sluty fuck). You say your name then whatever persons name you want, then that person says someone elses name. You start off each game like this "Awwwww fuck you, get fucked, what's the name of that mother fucking game it's called what the we go now. sluty fuck, sluty fuck better then dumb fuck. Dumb fuck dumb fuck better than crazy fuck..." You keep going until some one messes up then the person who messed up has to drink for this whole song(ex: danielle) "here's to sister danielle, sister danielle, sister danielle,here is to sister danielle (brother if its a guy) who's with up tonight shes happy, shes jolly , shes fucked up by golly , so drink mother fucker drink mother fucker drink! (HOPEfully you understand mY instructions i am a little buzzed right now ;)
Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-29 00:00:00

once ur able to learn it....its a awsome game it gets u really fucked up...o yea and i've never herd it called fuck the bus...???
Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-18 00:00:00

Well basically, i have played this game, and when i played it, it was called "Fuck the bus" which is so very cooler than "Fuck you". also, at then end of the rules it says, if you are assigned 5 cards on row 8, you have to skull or drink 40 times. i would like to see someone be assigned 5 of the same number cards, plus the one that is flipped. nice magic deck of cards guys! plus you missed a whole heap at the end. the person with the most cards at the end has to "fuck the bus". you line up 6 cards, and one by one the player has to end up with 6 picture cards. for every non-picture card the flip, they skull. if they get a pic card then a non-pic card, they have to skull and reset thre deck. this goes on until they have "Fucked the bus"
Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-14 00:00:00

this game is confusing but it's fun! You get drunk really fast!!
Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-29 00:00:00
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