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I have played this game many a time with both friends and strangers, and it is fun every time! Here are some "extended rules" to add in, once you are familiar with the basics. 1. The no-pass rule. You have to get 3 guesses in a row correct before you can pass. Additionally, you cannot pass on a 7 or an 8, the "middle" cards. 2. Two in a row rule: If you guess incorrectly, and the newly flipped card is the same as the current face-up card (two of the same card in a row), you drink double! 3. Sandwich rule: If you guess incorrectly, and the newly flipped card is the same as the card under the current face-up card, it is a sandwich, and you drink double! (For example, Eight-Three-Eight would be a sandwich) 4. Card number number card rule: If you guess incorrectly, and the number on the card is equal to the number of cards in the face-up pile, you drink double! (For example, if the pile was ace-seven-eight and then you guessed incorrectly on a four, you would say "four on a four!" and drink double) 5. "Same" rule: If you call "same" (instead of hi-low-black-red), and get it correctly, the dealer finishes his drink and your turn ends. Rules 2-4 are cumulative in their doubling.
Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-31 00:00:00

We play a similiar garm called Hi-Lo, Smoke or Fire. Rules are the same for the hi-lo part, but you also have the option of saying if the card will be a black or red card. This eliminates the same card flipped. You need to flip a minimum of 4 cards before passing on to the next player and adding more cards to the flipped pile.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-25 00:00:00
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