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Use vodka or rum and stop arguingh i am sure you should have know what he menat and how come no one made fun of the guy who doesn't like the water but would rather use juice which is the same amount of water with some fucking sugar so lets make fun of that retard cause we al no what was meant in the first place.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-05-18 00:00:00

i had so much fun playing this game, gud shit to the person who invented it
Posted by Anonymous 2005-05-27 00:00:00

It's just a shame all clear(and colorless!) spirits taste like ass on their own.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-29 00:00:00

Why dont these english geeks shut their mouths bot what colour it is.Close your eyes and necked you ladyboys or go read some shakespeare !!!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-06-28 00:00:00

To be techincally correct the liquor would have to be colourless (colorless for u yanks)as in no colour transparent means easily seen through.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-05-28 00:00:00

I do get this game n all.... I just dont think I would want to drink so much water... Id suggest.. maybe coloring the liquor with food coloring, and using some type of fruit juice instead of water.... what do you think? I know its all liquid... its just the water that makes me not want to play
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-14 00:00:00

Each player chooses 5 of the 10 shot glasses and drinks them... Otherwise why the hell not just take 5 shots, at least this way you end up taking anywhere between 0-5 shots.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-11 00:00:00

whiskey IS translucent; this attribute DOES make it distinguishable from water. as you correctly noted, translucence does not mean completely clear (transparent does however). I am therefore confused as to why you might have thought the 3rd comment is incorrect. the fact that something is translucent obviously distinguishes it from somethin that is stupid shit.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-10 00:00:00

The point of rearranging them is so that no one knows which ones are alcohol, and which are water. Second, "transluscent" means see through, but does not imply that it is clear, jackass. So for the third comment, who obviously has never seen whisky but does know the definition of transluscent, see my first comment. Drink on.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-08 00:00:00

whats the point in rearranging them?
Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-16 00:00:00

why not use 5 glasses of water and five glasses of whisky
Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-05 00:00:00

whiskey is transluscent and therefore is easily distinguishable from water.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-05 00:00:00
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