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The only difference with our version is we don't have the 31 rule but have "Snake eyes" 11 if someone rolls a double one all players take a drink.
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Back in the day we played Mexican and it followed pretty much the same way that Lehigh spoke of. However in addition to the 3-1 ("thirty-one") social drink, we also did "Social Reverse" on 3-2 ("thirty-two") where everyone would drink then play would reverse from clockwise to counter-clockwise or vice-versa... this really made things interesting as the night went on!!!
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To make the game better, at the beginning of the game chose a set of numbers (ex. 5-4) if anyone rolls a 5-4 then they have to pound a beer, if they get caught cheating then it is two beers.
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This is from a somewhat distant memory, but Lehigh University plays a somewhat different version. Several people in a circle. Play goes in one direction, though some people play that you can reverse direction. The player rolls the dice, peeks at them and tells the next player what they have. They can claim whatever they want, but the next person can either a) roll the dice, hoping to beat the previous person's roll b) lift the cup to see what the bluffer had. Obviously if the first person was lying, they drink and then have to roll again. If not, the second person drinks and then starts the roll fresh. If the "bluff" is accepted, the second person must beat the previously announced call. ie: If I say I have "ones" (pair of ones), you roll the dice and see that you got a four-five (ie: nothing). You will probably look at the next person and say "two's" or "threes". I've seen it get all the way around the table before the cup is lifted. If you're trying to get one guy in particular and you roll lets say a mexican, you start counting back to figure out what each person will need to have the last guy wind up with mexican. There's a whole bunch of special rolls, the most famous of which is 3-1 or "social" where everyone drinks.
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Have played this game a number of times. Start off with cheap wine or lager then move on to spirits. Use a reasonable sized glass but not too big. Mark it half way and fill to the line. If you get a mexican top it up till full. As an additional rule, whoever has to imbibe is not a allowed to put the glass down until it has been topped up for the next go. If they do they have to drink it again. This gets harder as people get drunk and it is not unusual for people to forget several times in a row.. Lol The more people that play the merrier. Oh, keep a bucket handy, it saves on cleaning!
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I have played this game many times but the Australian version seems to be played with a few minor variations. The main one beong that on a double one the roller gets to nominate on player for a standard drink, this roll does not count towards the three roll limit.
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