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one of the variations that we did was you coudn't "fake moose". this was a really great rule because it always went to a vote on weather the person really fake moosed or not. penalty was the same as if you were the last to moose had the quarter went in.
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This game has become the official drinking game for my house and other places we party at. We have even started to keep track of stats (i.e. how many mooses, how many cups, etc.) I'm thinking of starting a moose fantasy leauge. One thing that has not been mentioned though is what happens when you have an extrodinary number of people playing say upwards of 10-11. We actually have had to use two ice cub trays. If you land on the one opposite of you the drinks are doubled. Also who said anything about drinking the cup on a moose you spin the quater and the last person to do "moose" drinks till the quater stops spining. Its much more fun.
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If the quarter lands on the rim of the ice tray (happens more often than you'd think) then you get to make a rule. The rule can be anything from "everyone has to take off an article of clothing whenever X drinks" or "when X drinks, then Y has to drink double" or "x never has to take a drink". The rule is in effect until someone else lands the quarter on the rim and makes a new rule. -ALSO- We didn't play it exactly like this. You only chugged the bowl (actually we use a coffee mug) if the quarter lands IN the bowl. If the quarter lands in the top ice cube thingy, then whoever says "moose" last has to drink seven drinks.
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that was probably the worst 5 mins of my life, I would rather slam my pecker in a sliding door.
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Me and some buddies here in Abilene, Tx. came up with this improved game of "Moose". We call it Advanced Moose. The game is played the same except after the ice tray you put a shot of whiskey or whatever you want, then the cup of beer behind it. If you make the quarter in the shot glass you drop it in the cup of beer and give it out to someone. If your looking to get really fucked up then just try this. It will make for alot of throwing up.
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These are additional Grinnell College rules... If you bounce the coin and it lands on the tray in between the give and take sides (so not in one of the cube trays) you all take a social drink. If you land on the "give" side 5 straight times you can make a rule - for example, "From now on, no first names" or "No pointing with your hands". If someone breaks a rule they have to take a drink. A person can make rules until they lose their turn (so every 5, 10, 15 gives (and so on...).) Count starts over with new round (there is no accumulation of "gives" once you lose your turn). If it looks like it's going to be a Moose (coin is going to land in the last section on the "give" or "take" side but doesn't AND someone raises their hands to make the Moose antlers - they have until their nipple line before they've "broken their swing". Breaking this rule (raising the hands above the nipple line (on their chest) means they HAVE to drink the cup or bowl in its entirety. Then fill cup/bowl and resume play. Have fun! :-)
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the dude mckenzie who made the last comment is a fuckin nut guzzler...the only drinking game he plays is called tickle my balls with a comb...i saw him jiggle hhis junk when he looked at his granma
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Dude! I tried this game and it's fun! Played lots of times shit! got me drunk!! Thanks!
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