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This version we found to be much more fun and drink-filled: (the wide variety is thanks to us being english-footie is huge here!) 1 drink: for every fowl for every players dive to the floor everytime you see someone spit everytime a player runs rings around another player everytime a player looks aghast at the ref 2 drinks: everytime the ball goes out of play everytime theres a corner or free kick everytime a player is booked everytime the crowd boos loudly everytime theres a substition 3 drinks: everytime a player is sent off everytime a player is stretchered off everytime the referee makes an appalling decision everytime theres a penalty everytime a player subbed/brought on as a sub is booed by the crowd finish your drink: when somebody scores when theres a full-blown fight on pitch anytime something really extraordinary happens, like a spaceship landing on pitch lol
Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-18 00:00:00
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