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when we play this game, we don't have time to drink, but we also don't call pass, we just pass the cards around as fast as possible. and to score, it' s sort of like horse in basketball, but you write down each person' s name and each time they don't have a spoon they get a letter (I.e. S P O O N S) and whoever gets "spoons" first is out and then you remove a spoon and play until there's only two people left, and the player with the least amount of letters wins (i.e. S P )
Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-30 00:00:00

I played this game so many times. I dove over tables and fought over a spoon like it was my own son. it's like te best drinking game in the world. the tip is to grow your nails and attack when someone goes for your spoon. lol. i gt crazy playin this game. ive ended up on the floor, diving over tables and actually hurting people in this game
Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-27 00:00:00

Gee, you mean to tell me that some people play this gamewhile drinking alcohol? We always played it while stoned on grass!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-17 00:00:00

When we play spoons, the cards are played in the living room, but the spoons are on a bed down two hallways and up a flight of stairs. First person with four of a kind gets up and everyone then races and tackles their way upstairs to get a spoon. Collateral damage high-but stoires I'll tell til my grave!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-13 00:00:00

we play this game but we use 3 cards and the dealer has the deck and keeps picking up a card and passing it. after a few times you switch dealers.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-13 00:00:00

I love this game we always play it, true though you can get hurt but it is too funny, we have broken chairs, put dents in walls---but all in good fun !!!!!!Love this game !
Posted by Anonymous 2003-07-12 00:00:00

I remember playing this with my family when I was younger. We didn't play it as a drinking game though. One of my uncle's decided to get inventive and suggested that we play it with needles. It wasn't pretty at all. Playing this game with needles while drinking may result in serious blood loss. O ya, we payed with slightly different rules too. Once passing started, we didn't wait for the dealer to call pass again. Everytime you layed down a card, you got to pick one up. The person without a spoon was out. Play until one person remains.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-24 00:00:00
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