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Wow, the version we play has very different rules, but the same objective! Its always fun to play a different way sometimes!!!
Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-30 00:00:00

Ace- WATERFALL, the person who flips the card over starts the waterfall, next person and so forth can not stop drinking til the one before them stops. 2- RULE, make up a rule that you must do before you drink. if you don't follow the rule, you have to drink again! 3- SOCIAL, everyone gives a cheer and takes a drink! 4- THUMBS DOWN, must put both thumbs down on the table in front of you. last person to do so takes a drink. 5- BONZI!, everyone screams bonzi. last person to do so takes a drink. 6- GIVE 6, whomever turns this card over can distribute 6 drinks (sips) 2 to one person 1 to another and 4 to someone else.. or however you wish! 7- HANDS HIGH! everyone puts there hands up. last person to do so drinks! 8- I NEVER. you say something you have never done, and if anyone else playing has done this, they take a drink. 9- CATEGORIES, start a category. like Colors, everyone must go around saying a different color. if you repeat something already said or can't think of something, you must drink! 10- SENTENCE, start a sentence like saying 'The' and the next person must say 'The..' and add the next work. and so forth.. Jack- TAKE 2, whoever turns the card over takes 2 drinks Queen- GIRLS DRINK, all girls take a drink. King- GUYS DRINK, all guys take a drink.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-18 00:00:00

It goes like this, 2-10 of black you take that many chugs and 2-10 of red mean you can distibute them through the group or give them to one person, Jack is social everyone takes a drink, Queen is double for the next go around till it comes back to you and if another queen is drawn in that go around then it is four times the next card drawn, King is make your own rule and it applies throughout the whole game, and ofcourse Ace is Waterfall and nobody can stop chuggin till the person who drew it does and if they do its and extra ten chugs. Also if anyone drinks out of turn then its ten chugs. Have fun and get wasted.
Posted by Anonymous 2005-07-25 00:00:00

Ok the rules go like this...2 take two drinks, 3 give three drinks to whoever, 4 is Four to the Whores(the Lady's drink),5 is handmaster(whoever gets this card can do anything with there hand and the last person to do it drinks), 6 is to the right(the person to the right of whoever pulled the card drinks), 7 is to the left(same as above), 8 is social everyone drinks, 9 is Ryme Time( the person that pulls the card says a word and everyone has to ryhme with that word, the person who don't drinks), 10 is Ten to the Men ( all the guys drink), Jack is thumbmaster (the same as handmaster only with your thumb), Queen is questions ( the person who draws the card starts by asking a question to one person, then that person has to ask another question to a different person. the person who laughs or answers the question drinks, King is Catagories(the person who draws the card names a brand/type of anything they want the person who can't think of someting that goes it that catagory drinks ie: Tires...Goodyear, Ace is waterfall the person who draws the card starts to drink and nobody can stop drinking until the puller of the card does. Also whenever someone gets a pair they get to make a rule of anything they want ie: you can't say drink, drank, or drunk. If you do you got to drink. I hope yall enjoy this version of the game. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-08 00:00:00

One game of this will get you lol..
Posted by Anonymous 2004-02-15 00:00:00

Waterfall goes like this....2-9 take that many sips...2-9 red you can hand if u get a 9, u can give someone all 9 sips or spread them out through out who evers playing...10 means never have I ever...this is trying to make everyone else drink besides you...if you say never have I ever drove a car...and who ever drove a car in the room has to drink 2....Jack is thumb master...meaning who ever gets this card puts their thumb on their chin... who ever was the last person to put their thumb on their chin has to drink 2...this goes on till someone else gets a Jack....Queen means question master...which means who ever gets this card can ask people questions....and if you answer them you have to drink(object is to not answer that person)Once some one else gets a queen then that person takes it over...King means rule means who ever gets it can make up a rule and its effective the whole game...( say you make a rule...pinkys up when drinking...when ever someone drinks they have to have their pinkys up....if not that have to drink can also use this card to cancel out someone elses rule...)
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-13 00:00:00
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