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WEll u make the prymid with 5 on the bottom 1 on top and an oh shit card. the dealer gives each player 4 cards they have to look at the card memrize them and then put them down in a specific order. then u play the game as normal bottom row 1 sip 2nd row 2 and so on. then after all the cards in the prymid are fliped except the oh shit card each player has to recite their cards out in order they layed them. first one wrong two sips the next one wrong 4 sips then 8 then 16. then after thats funs all done the dealer flips over the oh shit card. if u have that card in the four u had down u must finish what u had left after the game. this could end up bad if u cant remember your cards and u just got a new beer. By the way u are aloud to split up ur drinks between people as long as u can remember your cards down and also people cand attempt to remember what u called them on and make u drink what u made them drink
Posted by Anonymous 2006-09-01 00:00:00

this game sounds a lot like bullshit[the game]
Posted by Anonymous 2006-08-29 00:00:00

Each person has 2-3 cards face up. Bottom row means take one drink. 2nd row give 2 drinks. 3rd take 3 and so on. Top card if you have it is a full beer. You can also split the drinks aswell but only on the gives. So, if you have one of the cards in the 6th row you can tell one person to take 4 drinks and another person to take the other 2. Or you can just hurt someone by making them take all six drinks. But watch out, pay back is a bitch. That's what makes it great. Someone payed me back by giving me all six and then the top card was fliped after I was done drinking my six and I had the top card to boot. This version can be kinda slow at first but who ever is not drinking doesn't want to wait so they start to drink even if they don't have to. That will mess them up in the end. We play till there is no more beer and then sometimes we might even make a beer run. Try it.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-06-06 00:00:00

we play this game all the time, but we have muchhh better rules for drinking the cards. The bottom (5 card) row is 2 drinks, the next four drinks, then six, then eight, and the top single card is 10 drinks. The boolshitting rules still apply, and yes if you boolshit someone on the top single 10 drink card- you have to drink 20. We also play with one card off to each side. one is a half beer card, anf the other is a full beer card, or as we call it the beerbong card.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-29 00:00:00
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